The tale of Kustomays Photo Booth began with a shared passion for freezing moments in time and turning them into treasured memories. Founded in 2014, our journey was sparked by the vision of revolutionizing event photography.

Driven by a desire to infuse fun and innovation into gatherings, our founders embarked on a mission to create a unique experience that would redefine the way people captured special moments. With a blend of creativity and technology, they set out to craft a photo booth unlike any other.

From humble beginnings tinkering with cameras and designs in a small garage, the dream took shape. Countless hours were spent perfecting the booth’s features, ensuring it was not just a piece of equipment but a conduit for joy, laughter, and lasting connections.

In October 2014, Kustomays proudly unveiled its first photo booth to the world, marking a milestone in event entertainment. From that moment on, our booths became synonymous with unforgettable experiences, gracing weddings, parties, corporate events, and celebrations of all kinds.

As word spread and smiles multiplied, Kustomays evolved, continually embracing technological advancements to stay at the forefront of the industry. Yet, amidst the upgrades and innovations, our core remained unchangedβ€”a commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and the magic of capturing memories.

Today, with a team passionate about creating moments that matter, Kustomays stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of event photography. Our journey continues, fueled by the joy we bring to each event and the stories we help preserve in every snapshot.

Join us as we write the next chapters of Kustomays Photo Booth, where every flash illuminates laughter, every click immortalizes joy, and every event becomes an unforgettable experience.